Like I wrote previously, the first and foremost reason I even blog or journal what I’m passionate about is for my past to exist somewhere or on something I can look back on, to both remind me of where I’ve been and inspire me not just to keep going, but to also try and best what I’ve already accomplished.

California winters usually gets my nostalgia reaching even further back than it typically does, and this year’s winter has me going back about half-a-decade ago, to that time when I looked at the prior half-a-decade’s worth of motorcycling videos I’ve taken, then compiled them into a 10-minute short film to commemorate how far I’ve come as a motorcyclist.


Flashback to when my R1 was still in its original Yamaha-blue motif.

The Flint and the Iron is a short video I made in 2012, compiled of motorcycling video footage I’ve amassed in the years prior. I edited in a narrative format, effectively illustrating my journey from becoming just a street-riding enthusiast to a trackday junkie, just to mark my motorcycling evolution at the time. This was before a lot of things; before I joined Z2 Trackdays and before I became a RiderzLaw blogger.

It seems fitting to look back at this look-back video as 2015 comes to a close. Next year marks 10 years since I first decided to pick up motorcycling, and while I am unlikely to commemorate it in some way like I had done with this video, watching the video now reminds me of how I’ve continued to evolve since. How my passion for motorcycling is probably the reason my interest in this lifestyle has yet to plateau, let alone dip. And it’s fitting to think about my passion for riding, because that was essentially the central theme to the video I made almost four years ago, yet it still rings true today.

I’d like to think that passion is a virtue I long learned before motorcycling, and that I eventually carried it into motorcycling. But the truth is that motorcycling taught me to be passionate, and from motorcycling I learned to pursue whatever I believe in or feel strongly about head-on. I’m not sure just how many people can understand how a motorcycle or riding one could instill a life value on an individual, but that’s pretty much how motorcycling has affected me. It actually drove me.

Without passion, man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark. – Henri Frederic Amiel

I’ve always loved that quote, because it reminds me of how I used to be just a lump of rock on this Earth, until motorcycling came along and became the iron that struck me to be the force I am today, the man I’ve grown to be.

Motorcycling makes me feel like there is nothing I cannot reach.

Motorcycling makes me feel like there is nothing I cannot reach.

I guess this is a kind of a “prequel” to the entries I said I would be writing, describing just exactly how motorcycling has made me a better person with specific examples. Having again watched this old video of mine now just reminded me of where the change all began though, which was inside – in me.

In that simple spark that motorcycling ignited, and how it’s remained burning feverishly ever since.


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I was born 1982 in Philippines, and currently reside in San Lorenzo, CA. I've been riding since May 2006. My favorite motorcycle owned to date is my 2002 Yamaha R1. My hobbies outside of motorcycling still involve motorcycles; writing about motorcycling, watching motorcycle road racing, podcasting about motorcycle racing, shopping for used motorcycles, drooling over my motorcycles, etc. Fun personal fact? I'm actually really shy. Like, really SHY.

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  1. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hit that track with your bike. 🙂 otherwise… I’ll hit the shutter on my phone to give you a better angle if you’ll not let me… 😀

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